About EnergyMakers Advisory Group

The EnergyMakers Advisory Group (EnergyMakers, or EMAG) is an oil and gas operations consultancy founded by world-class experts in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Resource Appraisal, Development Strategies, Environmental & Waste Management, and Risk Mitigation and Commercialization. With principals each having 20+ years experience under the belt, we have the experience necessary to conceive, assure, monitor and execute energy industry success for appraisal, development and M&A due diligence projects on every continent worldwide, from conventional to heavy oil and bitumen, shale, LTO and stacked plays.

EMAG offers field-proven expertise in water, waste, midstream and environmental services. WWMEs team are operations experts in managing, transporting, treating, permitting, designing infrastructure for, and mitigating operational risks associated with solid waste, industrial waste, liquid waste, fluid resources, produced water, oil/water separation, radioactive materials, and NORM. We understand the full chain of custody along with tradeoffs, liabilities, costs, regulations, and operations balancing required between waste generation, transfer and transport, treatment, recycling, discharge, and surface and subsurface disposal.

What’s New:

E&P Services

  • Due Diligence and Transaction Support Services
  • Advisory Services and Caretaking
  • Exploration, Resource Appraisal, Development, Commercialization, and Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Strategic and Investment Assurance via Gap Analysis and Augmentation

Water, Waste, Midstream and Environmental Services

  • Facility Life Cycle Expertise
  • Integrated Waste Management Strategies
  • Operationalizing Compliance and Project Workflow
  • Exploration and Production (E&P) Expertise

Produced Water Cost Challenges faced by Shale Operators

Published on November 16, 2016

Journal of Petroleum Technology featured Laura Capper, president of CAP Resources, in the article “More…

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The Rush to Save Oklahoma

Published on November 14, 2016

Bloomberg reporter, David Wethe , discusses the topic of produced water management and the complex factors impacting Oklahoma’s…

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Water Use in Shale Production with Michael Dunkel

Published on July 3, 2016 Laura Capper, founder and CEO of CAP Resources compares notes with Michael Dunkel, Vice President... Read More
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