James Paul Welch

Water Management

James Paul “J.P.” Welch oversees technical and operations programs in produced water management for oilfield operations.  A water specialist for 25 years with companies including GE Water, Siemens, Halliburton’s Multi-Chem division, Select, and Mycelx, JP has overseen water management operations including  field optimization/water logistics, produced water recycling for reuse, pipeline and transfer operations, storage and logistics management, EOR  water treatment, discharge-quality treatment,  technology selection and application (electro-coagulation, brine concentrators, nano-filtration, forward osmosis, anti-bacteria treatments, oilfield chemicals, etc.), frac pre-treat,  water sourcing, water compatibility and blending, facility design (including SCADA and load-out stations), supply agreements, water rights trading, and related business development activities.   An active member of the due diligence team, he regularly consults on technology vetting, M&A due diligence support, field pilot test design and oversight.  JP is uniquely qualified as an industry advisor and expert witness, and has advised operator consortiums and testified for state regulators regarding repealing and replacing water regulation with regulations more favorable to recycling and reuse.