Allen Blanchard


Allen specializes in the oil and gas environmental lifecycle both in technical and business areas, environmental engineering and waste operations, project management, compliance workflow, and regulatory management.  Allen’s lifecycle experience includes: facility siting, design, permitting, construction, operation, assessment, decontamination, remediation, compliance scoping and workflow, laboratory management and analysis, regulatory management, forensics litigation, emergency response and closure.

Allen has served as Engineer, Operations, and ES&H Manager for the treatment and/or injection disposal of > 32 million barrels of E&P waste.  In addition, Allen has designed and implemented facilities for Class II disposal, Class 1 industrial fluid injection, E&P waste separation and recycling, E&P land disposal, and oil and aggregate recovery.

Mr. Blanchard is also a leading expert in Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material.  In business arenas, Allen focusses on business development, due diligence, strategic implementation, and regulatory and compliance management.  From a technical perspective, Allen’s focus is on applied sciences and systems, including waste, information, GIS, environmental and work flow. Mr. Blanchard’s E&P efforts have covered the 7 state greater GOM area, onshore/offshore, Africa and the Middle East.