E&P Services:

Due Diligence and Transaction Support Services

Technical, financial, resource appraisal, regulatory, environmental, market, and operations due diligence and transaction support.

Advisory Services and Caretaking

Post-Transaction, investment caretaking and high-grading through expert board advisory services, management coaching, resource appraisal workshops, strategy workshops, team augmentation (temporary or permanent), and advisory and planning services.

Exploration, Resource Appraisal, Development, Commercialization, and Risk Mitigation Strategies

Typically delivered through a series of facilitated workshops for individual operating units of oil and gas companies, groups of operating units, or synergistic groups of oil and gas companies operating lease holdings having similar attributes.  Asset planning is offered across the value chain from acquisition, exploration, resource appraisal and development.

Strategic and Investment Assurance via Gap Analysis and Augmentation

Insight and execution services that evaluate and fill technical and managerial gaps to ensure strategic and operational goals are achieved and investment risk averted.

Water, Waste, Midstream and Environmental Services:

Facility Life Cycle Expertise

Facility siting, design, permitting, construction, operation, assessment, decontamination, remediation, compliance scoping and workflow, laboratory management and analysis, regulatory management, forensics litigation, emergency response and closure.

Operationalizing Compliance and Project Workflow

Through implementation of state of the art, proprietary systems that ensure no action item goes unassigned, performed, or monitored, risks are understood with confidence and thoroughness.

Integrated Waste Management Strategies

Whether outsourced or insourced, EnergyMaker’s provides the expertise and experience to confidently and efficiently integrate technology, and environmental, waste, and midstream operations and services into financially viable and de-risked operational assets which assure business continuity.

Exploration and Production (E&P) Expertise

Experience across the full spectrum of oil and gas operators and organizations:  NOCs, supermajors, majors, and large and small independents, including involvement at governance, strategy, planning, business unit operations, and field levels.