Kyle Murray

Hydrogeologist and Seismology Expert

Kyle Murray is an expert in the physical and chemical properties of geologic materials that store and produce fluids, incorporating his knowledge into regional-scale resource assessments for Oil and Gas operations. He contributes to EMAG water resource assessment programs including determination of source water quality, aquifer profiling and sizing (including freshwater, brackish water and brine sources), together with aquifer recharge characteristics and groundwater flows.  His water expertise extends to municipal water strategies, with emphasis on the occurrence and toxicity of organic pollutants.  He is an expert in water use in exploration and production, co-production of petroleum and water, saltwater management, disposal, recycle, treatment and reuse, and has assessed both oxidative and UV treatments for oilfield bacteria management and trace pollutants and contaminants assessment.  Current work in environmental geology involves understanding relationships between geologic factors, resource management, wastewater injection, and seismicity for seismic risk mitigation.  A GIS specialist, he regularly contributes to understanding regional and watershed scale environmental impacts.  Alternative energy biological assessments include working with biomass, bio algae, and nutrient uptake.  Kyle is a Hydrogeologist for the Oklahoma Geological Survey and Adjunct Faculty for the ConocoPhillips School of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Oklahoma.