Mabel Lee

Petroleum Engineer

Mabel Lee is a Petroleum Engineer specializing in natural gas engineering, including extraction, unconventional development, pressure transient testing, transport, reservoir characterization and modeling, and black oil and compositional simulation (PVTsim, Petrel and Pipesim).  Her work at the EnergyMakers Advisory Group has focused on multi-basin UIC injectivity analysis, evaluation of algorithms for determination of bottom hole pressures, macro and trend analysis of UIC pressure and volumetric data, induced seismicity trends, causation, and prognostic methods, water and waste management, and regulatory trends.  Mabel is a gifted engineer with exceptional data mining talents, backed by strong analytic skills and extraordinary communications and technical writing abilities. Prior to joining EMAG, Ms. Lee worked with a leading independent operator to optimize a mature natural gas field by analyzing well performance and troubleshooting each well to determine overall field and facility solutions.  All recommendations were implemented resulting in substantive ongoing and projected production improvements without capital influx, with first improvements monetized within 90 days of program implementation.  Mabel holds a Bachelors of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston (Major GPA 3.7) and a Bachelors of Art in Government and Anthropology from the University of Texas.  She was an active member of the U of H Student Energy Coalition, Director of Marketing for the Energy Association, active in the World Chamber of Commerce, and a Member of SPE.  Ms. Lee is multilingual (English, conversational Spanish and Mandarin).