Ted Moon

Oilfield Production Chemist

Ted Moon is a is a PH.D. in Chemical Engineering  who specializes in knowing all things about technology applications and current practices in the oilfield, both onshore and offshore.  As a former research scientist, Ted had extensive knowledge about polymers, surfactants, corrosion inhibition, production chemistry, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), and water treatment. Ted further developed his expertise in surfactants and interfacial phenomena as a Senior Engineer with Nalco Company in the development of new corrosion inhibitor formulations for oil and gas operators around the world.  Ted is an experienced project manager  and oversees technology pilot tests and field trials, and is an active contributor and analyst for EnergyMaker’s regional water and waste management studies.  He is an excellent communicator and technical writer, and specializes in primary and secondary market research including technical papers, case histories, and all aspects of technical and commercial writing.  Ted was the first Technology Editor for JPT Online and Technology Editor for Offshore Magazine. Ted holds a B.S. in Chemistry from the California University of Pennsylvania, a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and was a Chateaubriand Fellow at the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France.