Gary Chapman

Sr. Petroleum Geologist

Gary Chapman is a highly-accomplished geoscience professional with a wide-ranging expertise in international and domestic exploration, development and valuation projects. Strengths include international and domestic exploration and exploitation, primarily on resource evaluations of new business opportunities, along with play and basin studies, prospect generation and screening, partnering with national companies, geochemical interpretations and drilling operations.   Most recently he has served as a senior mentor/trainer for in-depth Geoscience Subsurface Interpretation and Mapping Certification Training Programs.  With Anadarko he served as senior staff geologist, project geological advisor, and team leader for exploration and development projects in more than 15 countries including several in South and Central America, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia.   Gary was an instrumental team member responsible for the discovery of two significant gas/condensate fields in the U.S and one very large gas field in Oman. Responsible for geological leadership in numerous basin-scale exploration analyses leading to asset purchases.   Prior tenures were as an Independent Consultant, Explorationist with Drake Energy Company, and Geologist and Drilling and Evaluation Supervisor with Exxon.  Mr. Chapman is registered with the Texas Board of Registered Geoscientists, and is an AAPG/DPA Certified Petroleum Geologist.